We’re more than just creatives, strategists and marketers. We’re visionaries, ready to understand who you are, what you do and why. For us, it’s the thrill of the journey — building relationships, bringing ideas to life, and showing you a better way of working. Everybody at Valiant shares the same outlook and values — that transformative creativity, entrepreneurial ideas and commercial acumen is in all of us, and by unlocking it and understanding it, we can build stronger brands together.

We’re not going to bore you with a ‘day in the life’ blog, talking about our favourite rom com or how we’re “passionate about new technology and terrible at Wordle” (we’re actually a dab hand). Working with Valiant is like working with the team you wish you had. We’re a team that’s always learning, and the agency in your corner. We’re inside your business and interested in what you have to say. Have a scroll here if you’d like to meet our team  – we’re think they’re pretty damn good.

Meet the team

What's in a name?

Our founder, Tina Keeble, on why we’re Valiant.

“It wasn’t something we procrastinated and pored over for months on end, wondering if it suited our values; it was actually far simpler than that. Valiant is my maternal family name. My grandmother, who lived in Farnham, died in 2009, just after I had bought my previous business partners out and took full ownership of the business. Margaret Rose Valiant (Granny Valiant) had three daughters, the Valiant girls, who all went on to be married and lose their family name. No more Valiants. It therefore felt absolutely right to call the business Valiant, keeping the family name alive and celebrating the generations of independent, strong and opinionated Valiant girls.

“Some told us it was a poor choice because of a particular Disney pigeon of the same name (remember that? No, neither do we). What’s amazing is how we’ve grown into our name over the years. And now after 10 years of being Valiant, none of us can imagine being anything else. I love that we have a new Valiant family now, and a few of our family traits are still evident today. It was no secret that Granny Valiant loved a proper G&T – always Gordon’s and never a single measure. We like to continue this tradition wherever possible, with a Twisted Nose Gin of course.

“So today we are really proud of who we are, how we work, what we’ve achieved together. We are Valiant, and Granny Valiant would have approved.”

We are green (as well as purple)

Visit our Ecologi page

real trees planted

Tonnes of CO2 offset

Valiant for Good

In everything that we do, whether it’s building brands for our clients, or talking about our own growth as a business, we always try to do the right thing. That’s because we are driven by a strong purpose and a deeply rooted set of values.

This extends beyond flexible working or fun days out. As a modern-day agency, we understand that we have a responsibility to look after our people and our planet, and to set a high bar for what ‘great’ looks like. That means hiring with diversity in mind, going above and beyond for our team, and thinking about the impact that our business and our work may have on the environment.

In 2023, we proudly achieved our B Corp certification.

We’ve never believed in anything more than this, and we’re not only proud to be part of a global community of sustainable businesses but incredibly excited to drive change, and learn even more from our fellow B Corp companies.

We've got a reputation...



International B2B Marketing Awards: Brand Initiative

Clutch: No.1 Branding Agency

World Gin Awards: World’s Best Gin Bottle Design

Clutch: Top 5 Web Agency (UK)

Marcom Awards: Gold Award

Clutch: Top 5 Packaging Agency (UK)

Awwwards: 6x Honorable Mentions

The Manifest: Top 5 Branding Agency (UK)

Hermes Creative Awards: Gold Award

The Manifest: Top 5 Wordpress Agency (UK)