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The Dairy Studios
Runfold St George
GU10 1PL

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UK Company No. 4350393
VAT No. 791817004

Our company policies

Please use the links listed here to download PDF documents for each of our policies. If you would like any further information please let us know.

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Our GDPR Privacy Policy

With new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in force from 25th May 2018 we have updated our policy accordingly. The following information outlines what data we hold, why and what we do with it. This is to protect you, your data and your privacy.

1. What data do we hold?

What data does Valiant hold and what do we do with it?

  1. Client data
    This is the data we hold on our clients. This is the client contact information we hold for businesses we work with who we contact in a professional capacity. This includes company names, registration details, banking information and direct contact emails, telephone and addresses.
  2. Prospect data
    This is the data we hold for prospective clients. This is the contact information we hold for businesses who we hope to work with, who we contact in a professional capacity. We hold email addresses and company addresses.
  3. B2B or B2C third party data
    This is any data we hold on behalf of our clients for marketing purposes which has been supplied and approved by our clients.
  4. Employee data
    This covers all data on current and previous employees including CVs and contracts.
  5. Supplier and contractor data
    This is the data we hold for our suppliers and sub contractors which we use solely to contact on a professional basis.

2. How and where do we store this data?

We are committed to keeping your data secure and have procedures, policies and measures in place to safeguard your confidential information. However no data transmission can be guaranteed to be 100% secure and there is the possibility that personal information could be observed by a third party whilst in transit online or while stored on our servers. Valiant takes no liability for such an occurrence.

  1. B2B client data
    Our client data is stored in the following systems:

    • our accountancy and bookkeeping system to ensure we can raise invoices for professional services.
    • our current work management system to ensure the flow of projects through our business
    • contact information is stored within our email accounts to allow us to contact our clients on a professional basis.
    • we hold client names, company names and email addresses in our Mailchimp account. This is for sending occasional professional informative emails.
  2. B2B prospect data
    Our prospect data is stored in the following systems:

    • contact information is held in our email systems.
    • prospect data is also held in Mailchimp. We are implementing an opt in only policy.
    • a secure tool that we use as a pipeline tool. Contact information and contact history is stored securely within this system.
  3. B2B or B2C third party data
    Data we hold on behalf of our clients is used and stored in the following ways:
    Mailchimp – clients have their own Mailchimp accounts for which we have access. Their client data is uploaded to their account. Clients are responsible for the compliance of their data.
  4. Employee data
    Employees past and present and interviewee data is stored securely for up to 3 years. CVs of previous applicants and current applicants CVs are stored on our secure server and within the email system in which they first approached us. Hard copies are securely shredded unless applicant has requested we keep their file for future opportunities. Employees bank and personal data is held securely by our outsourced Payroll system by Beam Accountancy and within our finance management software.
  5. Supplier and contractor data
    Supplier and contractor data is held in the following systems:

    • our finance management system in which we pay our suppliers and contractors
    • we hold signed hardcopy contracts in a secure drawer
    • Soft copies are stored securely on a server.

3. What data do we collect and how?

  1. Email addresses
    We collect email addresses from people who opt in and sign up on our website to receive marketing information and news from Valiant. This data is held within our email marketing system. If someone unsubscribes they will not be sent a marketing email again and their details are removed and blocked from our account as per Mailchimp’s policy.
  2. Client and supplier details
    We collect all relevant and required information from clients, suppliers and freelance or contracted staff to enable us to operate in a professional business manner. This allows us to issue purchase orders, invoices and remittances and pay people appropriately. This information is not shared with any third party unless we have to instruct legal proceedings against clients or suppliers for breaches of their contract with us, for example if they haven’t paid us.

4. What do we do with your data?

The personal information we do collect from you will be used to conduct business in a professional manner. We will use it to respond to your requests regarding our services. We will use it to enable us to deliver the project you’ve appointed us to deliver.

From time to time we’ll use it to provide you with insightful and relevant information which we believe will be of benefit to your business.

We will also use it to inform you of any changes in what we do or how we operate.

5. Is our use of data likely to cause objections or complaints?

Our intention is to only provide you with information that will benefit you. Your data will only be used to allow us to operate, manage and complete projects in the professional manner we adhere to. For non-project communication we intend only to provide information which is relevant, insightful and of value to you.

6. Viewing and updating your personal information

You have the right to request access to the personal information we hold on you. You can ask us to correct any errors or inconsistencies in your personal information or in fact remove all of the personal information we hold.

You can submit a written request to access your data at any time. If you’d like to do that please contact us at:

Valiant Design
The Dairy Studios
Runfold St George
GU10 1PL

Alternatively, please email your request to