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Playful illustrated print campaign

The world of cargo is awash with advertising and marketing imagery of packages, aeroplanes, crates and city locations. YAWN. However, Virgin has always tried to do something different and after 18 years worth of previous calendars we needed to find something completely new.


For the Virgin Atlantic Cargo calendar 2016 we took inspiration from the flying aces of yesteryear who immortalised their sweethearts on the noses of their planes. We illustrated our own “vintage sweethearts” to invite customers to “Come Fly” their packages with Virgin Atlantic Cargo and to represent each of their core services.


Virgin Atlantic Cargo has to differentiate their business by emphasising their service levels as they do not have the reach and destination network of many of their competitors.

Each month’s illustration was applied to a series of photographs of Virgin’s planes from a very grey and rainy day at Heathrow.


Our custom illustrations allowed us to be cheeky, seductive and fun whilst still communicating the benefit of each service.

Completed for a global brand but not on a global brand sized budget. Virgin Atlantic Cargo’s customers apparently love this years calendar and to top it all we were very excited to get recognition and win a Hermes Gold Creative award for our work!