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How great gin branding and bottle design is creating stand out in a crowded market

Twisted Nose is an established gin with a loyal audience. However, in an increasingly crowded marketplace their existing branding and bottle design did not provide a competitive edge, shelf appeal or a true representation of the provenance, quality and respect the gin deserved. Valiant was appointed to revamp the gin's branding and bottle design.

Green Gin bottle design surrounded by ingredients


What on earth is Twisted Nose gin anyway?

Deep in Winchester, Hampshire there is a mass of beautiful chalk streams. Around their crystal clear waters can be found many of nature’s wonders — from freshwater trout, diving kingfishers and iridescent dragon flies. When you look a little closer you can find masses of wild watercress — pure, plump and peppery. Watercress has the latin name of Nasturtium, which when translated literally is Twisted Nose. You know how your nose wrinkles when you’re about to sneeze? Well, that watercress peppery-ness is the key, contemporary botanical in this delicious gin. It was these stunning streams, the clarity of the water, the green and blue sparkles as the sun glints through the English countryside that inspired our rebrand and new bottle design.

To truly understand the product, the Valiant design team underwent multiple gin tastings. These were led by the Distillery’s founder Paul Bowler. Yes, another reason why we absolutely love what we do.

The gin branding and bottle design brief

Our brief for the project was to:

  • Represent a modern, contemporary gin.
  • Capture its fresh, clean taste with its peppery sparkle.
  • Communicate its Hampshire location with it’s clear chalk streams.
  • Highlight its key ingredient, local watercress needed to be apparent.
  • Reduce material usage as part of a distillery sustainability push.
  • Create an instantly recognisable product.
  • Limit breakages in transportation.

From this our design distillation process began.


How great gin bottle design and branding can transform a product


Gin branding

We focused initially on creating the new branding for the gin. Creating clean, sharp typography for the logo with a natty little leafy twist in the W. This “twist” was developed further to create the symbol which is our graphical interpretation of the watercress leaves. A silver foiled symbol graces the tamper seal to match the on-bottle decorating of the logo. When you get to the end of the bottle to pour those final G&Ts (honestly, it won’t take that long) you’ll notice the base of the bottle. Embossed around and inside the punt is the ‘Made In Hampshire’ provenance and watercress symbol.

Bottle design

The bottle itself was the result of months of development as we pushed the manufacturers to create something truly original. How do you capture the ripples of the chalk stream, the clarity, the sparkle, the green of the watercress? How do you  create a bottle that feels beautifully balanced in the hand, whilst reducing glass usage?  Sketches, photoshop work, renders with Adobe Dimensions, 3D printed models and prototypes with and without colour and each decorated finish, all played a part.

Finally we knew we’d nailed it. A bottle sat in our studios and the soft spring sun filtered through the glass. It created a reflection that rippled magically just like the streams nearby. Our vision was captured at that moment. Subtle ripples and colour gently fade out as they reach the neck of the bottle — allowing the clarity of the gin to show at the top of the bottle. The darker, deeper base is redolent of the watercress beds that surround the distillery, whose stems twist and turn towards the surface of the water.

The production process

By choosing to apply the branding and description in silver foil we were able to minimise the bottling and packaging process in the distillery — with no additional labelling. A solid oak stopper adds the final quality touch to our new elegant bottle. We’ve also reduced the amount of glass used in the bottle by 20% and significantly reduced any plastic usage too. So all round more efficient process using fewer materials.

The values of the distillery have underpinned every step of the rebranding journey; the provenance, authenticity and heritage of Twisted Nose gin.


Why Valiant?

Valiant recently refreshed the look of our flagship product and the response from consumers has been absolutely phenomenal.

Paul Bowler - Founder & Managing Director, Winchester Distillery

Embossing in glass bottle design for Twisted Nose Gin
Detail of oak stopper in gin bottle with foiled tamper seal


Have we delivered on the brief? Has the new gin branding and bottle design given them a competitive edge? Obviously we’d like to think we have, but more importantly on and off-trade customers are loving it. The launch has seen an immediate uplift with customers buying multiple bottles before trying the spirit itself. Existing loyal fans say their favourite gin is now presented in a bottle that matches its flavour profile and elegance. Distributors, independents and retail buyers are seeing increasing demand even at this early stage, and imagery of the bottle went viral on social media in the UK.


To top it all Twisted Nose has just won the World’s Best Gin Design Award! We believe this will continue to raise the profile of the product, the amazing distillery and introduce more people to the Twisted Nose brand. Cheers to that – please go and buy yours at Twisted Nose’s website and check out their other fantastic products including their award winning Wasabi vodka and Winchester Dry gin at Winchester Distillery’s site.


beautiful gin branding and packaging design

Improving sustainability whilst increasing sales

0% reduction in glass and materials