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Creating content and communications

Traffiglove invented the much copied coloured safety system used for hand protection. However they needed to strengthen their brand and their position in the market - so Valiant stepped in to establish them as the hand safety experts.


Traffiglove faced growing competition as their safety approach has been adopted by many other established and new glove manufacturers. It was time to clearly establish their specialist knowledge and expertise within the sectors they sell into.

Valiant worked with Traffiglove at board level to help devise and implement a strategy and action plan to raise awareness of their brand and products and position them as experts.


We started by clearly identifying Traffiglove’s key target sectors and the decision maker roles within relevant organisations. We worked with the sales team, talked to distributors and clients and used surveys to establish the key issues facing hand safety in the target sectors. This gave us the content framework for the communications plan.

Our first main project was to create an industry report from scratch – an informative piece of collateral, not selling Traffiglove products but objectively providing expert information on hand safety. Valiant researched the subject thoroughly, talked to key industry bodies, used the Health & Safety Executive reports and asked industries about their knowledge or key issues. We wrote and designed the report to engage the reader, provide factual information in a visually interesting format and make sure each recipient understood that TraffiGlove was the expert voice behind the publication.

To support his repositioning of the Traffiglove brand, Valiant has helped raise awareness and drive growth for the company through a range of engaging deliverables, from sector-specific brochures, leaflets and account marketing pieces to product packaging, exhibitions, emarketing and content creation.


The strategy, design and marketing deliverables produced by Valiant have worked effectively to enhance and strengthen the Traffiglove brand in the market, raising awareness of their position as the innovators of the colour safety system and increasing their market penetration as a result.

The first industry report was measured to be the single most effective piece of marketing Traffiglove had undertaken, with high volumes of downloads and requests for printed copies. Following its initial release a key client publicly endorsed the report:


“I would highly recommend this report to any health and safety practitioner, organisation or individual who has an interest in hand safety and protection. It provides the reader with useful reference material along with the opportunity for use as a development tool reflecting and reporting on current hand related industry topics.”

Paul Lloyd, Regulatory Compliance Manager, Schneider Electric