Repositioning the experts in metal printing with a new name, brand identity and website


With more than a century of expertise and significant new investment behind them, Caldicot Metal Decorators asked Valiant to rebrand and reposition them as innovative masters of their craft in a changing and challenging market. We transformed them into the ‘Tinmasters’; giving them a new name, a new look and a revived sense of purpose. The process helped them win two years’ worth of new business in just four months and showed employee engagement at an all-time high.

CMD appointed Valiant to overhaul their brand positioning and create a strong foundation from which to drive awareness of their expertise; the aim being to market them to a broader prospect base.

Their existing brand identity and website presented the business as a dated manufacturer and gave no indication of their expertise or high service standards. Their brand offered no visual differentiation or competitive edge between them, their two local competitors or their European competition. They needed to clearly show their strengths and skills and forward-thinking approach. If you’ve got it, flaunt it we say.

Key objectives

  • Transform Caldicot Metal Decorators into the Tinmasters
  • Develop an entirely new brand language
  • Build a strong foundation for accelerated growth
  • Give the business a distinct competitive edge
  • Demonstrate their strengths and skills in a highly engaging and compelling way
  • Design and build a new website
  • Create a full range of new collateral and marketing materials


Through our Discovery process we got to know the team, hear their story and importantly, understand their values. From this we set about representing them to the world in a way that truly conveyed their unique skills and services.

We changed the name from Caldicot Metal Decorators – which completely undersold their industry-leading technology and expertise – to Tinmasters; a little nod to the tinworks site that existed on their location over 100 years ago, as well as their mastery of printing onto tinplate. Tinmasters captured their history and skills perfectly.

The brand identity was designed to underpin and communicate their professionalism, innovation and values, which is why getting to know the team was invaluable. For the website, we took things to a whole new level with a rich, interactive and engaging experience, designed to show off their latest technology, experienced team and the fantastic results they achieve on the press. A critical part of the website was the copywriting. We needed to fully comprehend the processes and compliance levels Tinmasters worked at to be able to deliver to their market. Only then were we really able to write content to appeal to the audiences they wanted to connect with – procurement managers, compliance directors and brand managers.

Finally, business stationery, presentations, launch mailer and marketing emails were also designed and implemented. As well as some beautiful gunmetal foil business cards, we also produced a limited run of metal business cards too.

The complete change in positioning required planned and informative communication to all existing clients as well as prospects. Introducing a significant change can be a pivotal opportunity to engage lapsed or prospective customers. It is also critical to manage this level of change positively and frequently to existing customers, providing reassurance that the quality and service they are used to will remain.


The brand and website launch has been praised universally by clients, suppliers and employees. The team were engaged throughout the whole process and the newly branded workwear went down a treat. The Tinmasters name refers to the expertise of the talented team and there is a definite pride in being part of that now. It has prompted existing clients to discuss additional, and larger contracts, as well as bringing in those precious new customers and contracts. Just a few months after launch, the website was already making waves, recognised as outstanding and winning Platinum in the prestigious dotComm awards. The brand identity as well received the top award at the Hermes Creatives.

The exceptional result however, was that Tinmasters won enough new business to fill capacity on their new line within four months – this was forecast to be achieved within two years of launch.


  • Lead generation directly from the new website
  • Production order increase of 260% in 4 months
  • Employee engagement levels at all time high
  • Reduced risk by increasing customer base
  • Reduced reliance on its major customer; reducing their 95% revenue share to 55% without any reduction in volume production
  • Winners of the International B2B Marketing Awards

"The feedback from customers has been outstanding, and the new brand has also boosted morale and enhanced our standing in our industry."

Richard O’Neill - CEO, Tinmasters


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  • Competitor analysis
  • Brand strategy
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  • Key messaging
  • Employee engagement strategy
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The proof

There has been a production order increase of 0% in 4 months

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We've got a reputation...



International B2B Marketing Awards: Brand Initiative

Clutch: No.1 Branding Agency

World Gin Awards: World’s Best Gin Bottle Design

Clutch: Top 5 Web Agency (UK)

Marcom Awards: Gold Award

Clutch: Top 5 Packaging Agency (UK)

Awwwards: 6x Honorable Mentions

The Manifest: Top 5 Branding Agency (UK)

Hermes Creative Awards: Gold Award

The Manifest: Top 5 Wordpress Agency (UK)