The Greedy Gamekeeper


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Tasty branding and packaging

When the Kerley Game Specialists came to Valiant with their amazing tasty sausage range we drooled at the opportunity. With no name or brand in place, we did plenty of indepth (eating) research to bring their brand to life.


As barbecue weather approaches (always best to think optimistically) we wanted to share with you a sneak preview of a project we have been working on.

This pretty much includes most of the things we love i.e. design, food and packaging. The Kerley Estate wanted to uplift their range of game based products and chose Valiant to bring it to life for them.


This tasty little number was also named by us. So after much deliberation and cogitation we settled on the Greedy Gamekeeper and retitled the range with appetising names including Top Drawer Boar and Venerable Venison.


Following early feedback, we are all convinced the complete overhaul of these amazing bangers is going to have a sizzling effect on their sales.