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Enhancing and elevating a beer brand

Siren's Craft Beers are considered some of the most exciting in the very crowded beverage marketplace. They specialise in producing beer with a difference, whether it comes from a cask, keg or bottle. So who better to appoint as their partner to help them raise the profile of the brewery and elevate their brand design style? Our beer loving design team had no problem putting in plenty of research for this work!


Siren’s key desire was to support their brand and products from all angles, making sure that the design and packaging was as good as their premium products. They wanted to make sure their beers were instantly recognisable and had stand out whether they were on tap, on shelf or boxed!

We undertook a brand review for Siren. The key finding was that the existing brand assets weren’t being used as consistently or as well as they could be across all brand design elements. Also the Siren team found that there weren’t enough appropriate assets for them to use across additional marketing materials that they created internally.


We developed the Siren illustrations to ensure that they worked better for smaller print sizes. We evolved existing illustrations to give more design options and created an overarching brand illustration. And we focused on tying the illustrations and brand closer together. Siren has always had clarity with its black and white logo and used colour only for its beers and not its brand. We have introduced red as a core brand colour to really help stand out.

And armed with new assets and colour we got cracking on the application of these across various materials. Wrapping their white van with new graphics was particularly satisfying – what a difference! Packaging, brochures, labelling, pump clips and tasting notes have all fallen under the new Siren spell.


Siren wanted to stand out amongst their competitors. Initial feedback is very positive from customers, pubs and stockists through social media and face to face. Some of the artwork has already featured in an exhibition and Siren even had requests to re-use the van artwork on a customer’s car! Online re-orders have increased by almost 25% already.