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A brand identity and WordPress site to raise awareness of an award winning garden designer

The opportunity to design the branding for a fellow creative is always exciting – especially when it unfolds that she's sailed the Atlantic, teaches yoga, fossil hunts in the IOW and gets lost on mountains in Antigua. Capture that in a brand identity!


Designing for a designer can be the very best or very worst experience. Working with Rose McMonigall to create her brand identity, thankfully, was one of the very best experiences. Her previous marketing had used an anonymous company name and offered both design and landscaping. However, with a silver gilt medal under her belt following her first foray at Hampton Court Flower Show, Rose needed to step centre stage and stop hiding her proverbial light under its glowing bushel. The brand identity had to support her garden design, a website and also work across packaging for some gorgeous products that Rose is also looking to produce and market.


You will only ever get an idea of who garden designer Rose really is, if you have the pleasure of meeting her on a tour at Dipley or elsewhere. Her passion for creativity and adventure is infectious and when combined with her sharp intellect she captivates audiences. Capturing this in a brand identity is the type of challenge we absolutely love. Would it meet Rose’s very high creative expectations though?

From a business perspective there was an opportunity to leverage from the reputation and press attention achieved at RHS Hampton Court. Rose needed an identity to underpin her creative work on her website and in printed materials. It was important to lead with her name rather than a made up company name which was making it difficult for prospective commissioners to find her.

Following a presentation of four different identity directions Rose chose this look for the design of her brand. The concept originated from Rose’s signature so that it was truly personal to her. Her creative works never follow a formulaic style so to have each design “signed off” with her brand identity gives an element of consistency across materials.

The colour – which we like to call donkey grey – a sort of smoky, lilac, pinky brown is neutral enough to not impinge on design work being presented but holds its own on printed material.


The identity has been applied across business cards, her website (which you can see here), packaging concepts and marketing material for RHS Hampton Court. We love this brand style and can’t wait to roll out all of the product work. Most of all we love the fact that Rose feels we have achieved the impossible by capturing and interpreting everything she represents through her brand. This reinforces the importance of getting to know your client completely (our discover process) before you can truly design and deliver.