B2B: Rokwear brand strategy and identity

Rokwear wanted branding and packaging that attracted new customers and communicated the Rokwear story. So Valiant set to work to reposition their product range as the "go to" workwear brand.


The Rokwear brand was fast building a reputation for exceptional quality and durability within the competitive workwear sector with their customers. However the existing identity just didn’t communicate the product’s brand values to prospective buyers.

Valiant was appointed by The SMI Group, who own the Rokwear brand, to create a new brand style for Rokwear which could be applied across all workwear products, packaging and marketing materials.


To truly get under the skin of the Rokwear brand and their values we held an immersive workshop with their team. This enabled us to really understand what they believe differentiates them from their competitors, what’s important to them, what values they hold dear and how they want their customers and prospects to perceive them.

Armed with insight we were able to run some competitor analysis before rewriting the brand values and story. Only then could the visual development begin.

We designed and presented four different branding and packaging routes for discussion. There was an immediate favourite and we had one of those brilliant moments where the SMI team emitted an audible “wow”. We love that.

We then developed brand guidelines before applying the new style to everything from clothing labels, safety boots, packaging and energy drinks!


The new brand style is currently being rolled out across all garments and footwear within the Rokwear range. We presented the new brand direction to all employees at their annual company meeting and it was met with excitement. The influence on sales will be measured as the transition to the new branding style is fully implemented.

However until we have sales results we have some great testimonials following the project:

“Valiant Design is an innovative design agency, who clearly have the capacity and experience to help businesses or brands take their marketing to a higher level.”
Donovan Prisgrove, SMI Group

“We have been working with Valiant Design now for nearly 12 months, and what we have seen so far has been very good. As a company they look after their clients well, and in a professional manner. The passionate team understand the strategy that needs to be followed in view of achieving unique and eye catching brand designs. They understand what the consumer wants to see when they receive a product, and this reflects in their packaging and brand designs. I would recommend them to other companies that are looking at creating a new brand or updating an existing one.”
Lloyd Scott, SMI Group


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