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Rebrand and packaging design

The Perfection range gives automotive bodyshops all they need to repair, restore and clean a vehicle. Despite the gleaming brilliance achieved by the products, the brand and packaging was far from polished - so the Morelli Group appointed us to design the perfect brand for them!


The Morelli Group is the UK’s leading automotive refinish supplier and the Perfection range of products is their own specialist brand. With the company approaching 60 years in business it was time to give the products a much needed facelift to better reflect the professional quality of the range. It needed to appeal to the male dominated market of professional repair and restore businesses through to car enthusiasts. Morelli also wanted the rebrand to enable them to increase awareness and sales by  supplying reseller and accessory shops across the UK.


Before starting the creative process we spent time indulging in the research of vintage automobile typography, packaging and colours from the 1950s including original Morelli signage and vehicles. (This is why we love what we do). It was important to the company that the new brand style reflected the decades of expertise behind each product’s development.

The design of the Perfection identity had to work on packaging of all shapes and sizes – with hundreds of products from packets of wipes through to 5 litre drums of thinner.

It also needed to have great shelf presence. Not only should a specialist be able to clearly pick out the product he wants in the workshop, but a consumer in an accessory shop needs to be drawn to the Perfection range when it sits among its competitors.

We took inspiration from the classic motoring colours and styles to create an incredibly versatile brand style. This was detailed in a Perfection Brand Manual which ensures that Morelli and their manufacturers can reproduce the brand styling for all of the labels across the full product range.


The new packaging designs are being rolled out across hundreds of products in the Perfection range. Sales results will be monitored and we will update this article as soon as we have them.