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Award-winning brand strategy and packaging design to increase market share in the beverages sector

The award-winning Nosh Detox specialises in transforming health and well-being through scientifically, researched nutrition. In an increasingly crowded marketplace, they needed to transform their brand and product packaging to increase visibility, market share and sales – so that's what we did. The new brand opened doors for them at Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and a whole host of lifestyle magazines.


Valiant was appointed by Nosh to reposition the brand and its growing product range in a market which had become increasingly crowded. UK consumers spent £1.5bn on juices and smoothies last year with 80% market share sitting with Innocent alone*. Consumer choice in health drinks is vast, both online and offline, with a lack of understanding of the real benefits (if any) of each. Nosh, a nutritional specialist, needed to improve awareness, increase sales and educate their potential customers. That’s where we came in.


Firstly we looked at the brand strategy. What was it communicating to its customers? Did they understand the benefits? Following research we devised a benefits-lead strategic approach – where Nosh clearly educated the consumer on the effects of each of its products through design and copy.

Of course, as part of our “immersion” process, the Valiant team tried everything from  Nosh raw foods, raw smoothies and juices to truly feel the effects – which is why we have such a healthy glow! The “I will benefit you” approach formed the basis to our design application. We then had the very wonderful task of redesigning the full range of all juices, smoothies and raw foods. These are all being rolled out into production.


The first stage of the brand labelling was launched at Lunch Exhibition to a very positive reception. The food experts loved the clean, personal approach and declared it bang on trend. In fact a very famous store now wants to stock it. In addition Geeta Sidhu-Robb, the inspirational CEO of Nosh has reported significant sales increase in all products which has the new brand style packaging. A direct increase year on year.

Love that we can bring greater success to clients through design.

*The Telegraph Finance News. 07.2015

Working with Valiant is the most amazing experience. As a small business we found it hard to get good branding and for someone to express what we stand for. Tina and the team got it, created the most amazing strategy and banged it totally out of the park in terms of our look, feel, and design. We literally make more sales because of what she did for us.

Geeta Sidhu-Robb, Nosh