Kitt & Kaboodle

Shopify site for the first Fairtrade, organic cotton, sustainable face masks made by the inspirational Global Mamas


Face masks are a must during times of Covid-19, so while we protect ourselves wouldn’t it be great to do so in a way that supports struggling communities around the world? Kitt & Kaboodle provides such a commercial outlet working with the ‘Global Mamas’. They are African mothers, wives, grandmothers, sisters, talented entrepreneurs and leaders in their communities, struggling every day to support their families, send their children to school, improve their health and save for the future.

Kitt & Kaboodle is an ecommerce outlet that sells their beautiful, handmade face masks; protecting the world and keeping themselves in employment. Valiant’s founder Tina, seeing an opportunity to do some good in the world during these difficult times, set up this business during lockdown in the UK and it has grown to be very popular, tapping into a general sense of helplessness experienced globally during the pandemic and providing a practical and humanitarian outlet for these concerns.

Key objectives

  • Rapidly design, create and deploy a simple but powerful ecommerce website
  • Design a distinctive but reassuring visual identity for the brand
  • Help highlight and promote the brilliant work of Global Mamas
  • Build a community spirit behind the brand with newsletters, offers and rewards for referral


The website is built on the popular E-commerce framework Shopify and whilst it is functional it has a graceful layout as well. Even with an altruistic leaning project it’s important to remember that it should still look good, that will add gravitas to the overall cause. The Kitt & Kaboodle website tells its story through visual means, creating a powerful bedrock for the products. There are some enticing applications used as well throughout the site, for instance the live sales popup, that gives the end user the impression they are part of a larger community – so important in these times.


Kitt & Kaboodle has seen a growing customer base over the months of lockdown and continues to gather momentum on social media. In a market saturated with insincere PPE sales, K&K has carved its way as a pragmatic and caring company, two things we need right now for sure.


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The proof

The revenue generated from the site covered all initial set up costs within 0 weeks of launch

The site has achieved a conversion rate of over 0%

We've got a reputation...



International B2B Marketing Awards: Brand Initiative

Clutch: No.1 Branding Agency

World Gin Awards: World’s Best Gin Bottle Design

Clutch: Top 5 Web Agency (UK)

Marcom Awards: Gold Award

Clutch: Top 5 Packaging Agency (UK)

Awwwards: 6x Honorable Mentions

The Manifest: Top 5 Branding Agency (UK)

Hermes Creative Awards: Gold Award

The Manifest: Top 5 Wordpress Agency (UK)