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Improving a charity’s fundraising and capturing its mission through a rebrand and website

The JST is a sailing charity with a unique proposition. Their specially designed tall ships give people of mixed abilities and circumstances the freedom to explore their ability, potential and place in the world through inclusive adventures at sea. They needed to refresh their branding and significantly improve their website to support fundraising and communicate their mission.


When we first met some of the team at the JST we were overwhelmed by the impact their charity has on the people who have experienced their voyages. We learned about the restrictions some people face in their lives, how their world can become smaller as they lose the confidence or ability to venture out. A world which can often be limited to the safety and security of their home. This can cause loneliness, disconnection and a feeling of restriction. Aboard a JST tallship people are immersed in an inclusive sailing experience in an accessible and enabling environment. It can literally change peoples lives for the better.

To support their work they needed to elevate their marketing presence and improve their website. Their website was uninspiring, difficult to navigate, not accessible and hard to update. They needed a platform to support fundraising and beneficiaries.


Our first step was to understand the organisation’s mission, history and its true impact. From this we were able to approach a new brand identity for the charity. Its previous logo was loved by many because of their associated memories, however it wasn’t aligned to the future mission of the JST. To the uninitiated, the old logo lacked any impact or aspiration.


Working closely with the board of trustees and directors we developed a number of new design routes for discussion – each with a story and relevance to the charity’s mission. These were developed further until they reached the point that all stakeholders agreed and were confident in their new logo. The dynamic new logo design was inspired by their many square sails  which provide a sea of opportunities to their beneficiaries.


This was supported with strong messaging throughout to communicate the invitation to a world that some people didn’t feel was possible for them to experience. An adventure where they will be challenged, supported and driven through their experience of the JST. A chance to be free from a restricted and limited life.



A charity website has to meet specific criteria – it must be accessible – but also it has to clearly communicate its purpose. It must also support its beneficiaries, enabling them to find the information they need and inspire visitors to donate. Fundraising is critical. There are also less obvious requirements; the maintenance, management and time required of the administrative teams to look after their website is also important. JST wanted a site which was easy to add content too, one that rationalised the voyages available and the booking process. A site which provided more information to travellers to free up the time required for the JST team so they could focus on other fundraising initiatives.

We addressed all of these challenges to design and build an impactful WordPress site which is easy for their in-house team to maintain and manage and simplifies their processes. This has enabled them to focus on fundraising – especially their recent successful campaign to raise £1M in one week!

We offered our charity discount on this project and did a large part of the project as a pro-bono contribution. Our little bit to help their magnificent work.


An increase of 2000+ people have clicked on the donate button this year
The site speed has improved by over 57%
The website supported the JST campaign to raise over £1M of donations in a single week.

Visits to voyages pages

0% increase


“Valiant invested time to know and understand, in depth, the Jubilee Sailing Trust, our Mission, our heritage, our transformation, our ambitions and our new brand strategy and positioning. All of that was then channelled into the development of a new logo and a website.  The logo helps energise, elevate and modernise the JST and is a great asset in our aim to connect with a much larger group of target beneficiaries and partners. The new web site brilliantly captures our Mission, the work we do and our impact. It brings that all to life with vibrancy, energy and a user experience that is engaging and also highly accessible (which is crucial given the needs of our target beneficiary group). It is a massive step forward from our old web site.”

Duncan Souster. CEO, JST