A strategy-led brand refresh and digital overhaul to reposition an innovative industry leader


Inalytics is a unique, ground-breaking and fascinating business. It was the first company to provide empirical investment data analysis through proprietary technology and it’s led the industry from the front ever since. We’ve had the privilege of working with the Inalytics team for a long time now and our partnership has been constantly evolving and growing in that time.

So, fast-forward to 2020 – Inalytics is entering a new and exciting phase in its upward journey and it’s time for a bold new approach. Inalytics asked us to undertake a deep, strategy-led brand refresh and a complete digital overhaul to help them reposition the business as the innovative, trailblazing, technology-driven industry titan it truly is.

Key objectives

  • Reposition the business visually, digitally and through tone of voice
  • Help create new brand messaging and bring it to life in application
  • Keep the DNA of the existing brand, while bringing it bang up to date
  • Design and develop an entirely new digital experience for the company website
  • Develop a new visual asset language that would work both on- and offline
  • Bring the technology of the business to the forefront in the new design, highlighting its history of innovation


We never make assumptions. Even though we’ve worked with Inalytics for years, we entered the project with fresh eyes and open minds. We began the Discovery process by researching and reviewing both the competitor landscape and Inalytics’ perceived position within the industry. This insight was then used in workshops and brainstorms to help establish what the core of the new messaging and approach should be. The recurring theme of innovation and technology gave us a powerful story to tell at the next stage, when we were able to distil the best of what was relevant in the existing branding and give it an entirely new and inspiring context. A new visual identity and colour palette came together that was vibrant and energetic, while remaining totally recognisable as Inalytics. Supporting assets were inspired by visual data modelling, producing simple, colourful, abstract shapes that still communicated the complexity and accuracy of the data they represented. Once established and agreed, we rolled out the new identity across a wide range of collateral, from marketing brochures to research papers.

The rebuild of the website gave us a fantastic opportunity to infuse the new identity with movement and interaction – something we’d always planned for during the design stages in fact. The stark precision and confidence of bold, clean typography and ample whitespace is balanced by the visual assets shifting and morphing like data projections, emerging and changing on scroll and constantly inviting the user to explore and discover. The website really is the ultimate representation of where Inalytics has got to now – a powerfully simple end result, built on complex, cutting edge technology.


Can you tell that we enjoyed working on this project? It’s been a rewarding and inspiring journey with Inalytics over the years and it was fantastic to be able to look at it all again objectively and push ourselves – and Inalytics – to produce something we’re all proud of. The rollout is now complete, the new website is live and we’re looking forward to seeing where this constantly evolving partnership takes us next.

"Thank you to you all, we appreciate all the hard work and you continuing to challenge us and hold us to account, really important."

Claire McAloon, COO


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