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Digital and print campaign

PORT Designs invented the GoLED backpack - an innovative product designed to give everyone on the move – from cyclists and skaters to joggers and walkers – an effective, simple and useful way to stay safe and be seen. Our task was to make sure it actually got seen by retail buyers and consumers.


We were appointed by Port Designs to help launch their latest innovative product in the UK. The GoLED backpack improves safety when cycling by clearly displaying a directional LED operated by a remote hand controller – which neatly attaches to your handlebars. With thousands of people injured whilst cycling each year the product had the potential to win admirers – but who and where was our audience and how could we get them to notice the product – quickly.


A last-minute opportunity came up to launch the product at SPIN, the cool urban cycle show in London. With London having a huge volume of cyclists and SPIN attracting less of the lycra brigade and more commuter cyclists we choose this event to introduce the product and run some fun giveaways and competitions. In just two weeks everything from printed collateral, hoodies, website, social media campaign, banners, press releases was completed – phew! And some of the Valiant team headed up to SPIN to lend a hand and check out the competition


The GoLED has certainly been seen and continues to help commuting cyclists get noticed. Immediate positive feedback has lead to a large online retailers stocking the product.  Social media activity has lead to reviews in cycling publications and newspapers. From a standing start it is building a community of fans in the UK and across Europe.