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Creating a new brand

Once upon a time our client set out to design and manufacture workwear boots that were high quality, comfortable and durable. These boots were made for working but they didn't have a name or their own identity. So the Valiant team created a story from which the Giant boot was born and a bestseller stepped into the limelight.


Swift Industrial is a dynamic, successful national business providing protective workwear to a diverse range of clients. One of the reasons we enjoy working with the team at Swift is their commitment to innovation. They listen to their customers, identify key safety issues and respond by developing brilliant products that address them.This drive for innovation and desire to make better products led Swift to design a new range of safety footwear. Their proposition was so strong that the products needed their own identity.


We learnt all about the products, their construction, the benefits and the target audience. Armed with this information we set about naming and developing the brand. After much deliberation, research and market testing the Giant brand began to take shape.

When naming a business or a product there has to be a story. The concept of Giant all began with us scribbling down shapes, images and words that evoked the product’s benefits. From these came the hexagon – the strongest shape in nature. It’s why bees have hexagonal honeycomb and why the incredible Giant’s causeway evolved.

When you are presented with a product that is huge on safety, protection, technical construction, durability and quality – the name Giant fits perfectly.With a name and brand strategy agreed the Giant identity was developed. We were able to get creative with packaging, brochures, mailers, photography, email templates, product tags and even the footwear specification. We looked at brand styling and the production implications for the tread of the boot, the insole, the lace eyelet and of course the tags.


The Giant footwear range launched to positive customer feedback, swiftly followed by further enquiries and a giant increase in demand. Within a month Swift had to place a further order, much earlier and larger than expected to meet the demand. A resounding success that brings continued growth and revenue to the lovely people at Swift.