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Constructing a new brand and website

Having worked for many years as property developers Arcadia, directors Roger and Arran Atkinson chose Valiant to develop the branding for their new venture Forays Homes. Forays Homes is a collaborative UK-based property developer and designer of unique luxury homes.


Forays need to consider the most effective way to communicate their name change to their target audience. The objective for this was to raise awareness of Forays, the current change and to continue to keep their name prevalent in the marketplace. Forays had to stand independently (of Arcadia) and be perceived as such by the market.


Valiant created a brand for Forays that positioned the business as a top notch property development business as well as being really personable and approachable.

The launch of the brand included updated corporate stationery, a brand new website, and a show-stopping Direct Mail announcement piece

Since then we have been managing Foray’s web presence by ensuring they are constantly creating relevant web content and that they are sharing and engaging on social media and with regular email newsletters. We have also completed another personalised direct mail campaign to announce their recent office move.


Forays have a brand that reflects their company values which are personable, luxurious and detail-driven. They have received feedback that their offering is showcased clearly and effectively. Their social media has seen a steady increase in followers and engagement which has, in turn, increased traffic to their website.