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Crafting a vintage brand and increasing online sales by over 320%

Caviste is a specialist wine merchant. They passionately seek out interesting wine producers across the world so they can introduce their customers to new and exciting experiences. Caviste appointed Valiant to bring their brand, retail locations and online shop to life. We took them to another level all together, establishing them as approachable, aspirational experts – and helping them increase online sales by over 300% in the following year. Cheers!


Independent wine merchants Caviste has two shops and an underperforming online shop. They wanted to look at the best ways to raise their profile, expand their customer base, increase online sales and drive ticket sales for their events. Caviste appointed Valiant to work on their brand strategy and marketing requirements to help them meet their objectives.


We kicked off the Caviste projects with our usual “Discover” workshops. These enabled us to get to really know the Caviste brand, the people, their values and their points of difference. Why would people choose to buy from Caviste instead of a supermarket? How can we get Caviste customers to understand the added value of a specialist rather than be enticed by supermarket discounts? It was clear the company needed a brand to reposition them as experts in their fields, specialists who deliver a personal service and help their customers find the very best wine for them. We did undertake some real product research at this stage – after all it’s all about knowing your customer!

We created a new brand identity for Caviste. Their previous old vine logo was often misunderstood, was unclear, messy, dated with limited appeal to the broader market they were seeking. The brand identity we’ve created for them is sharper, more stylish, positions Caviste as experts. It works far better online and on retail signage, bags and materials. We introduced a tagline “The Adventure of Wine” to represent the playfulness and excitement Caviste bring with their knowledge, passion and love of their wines.

The branding is now being applied across all marketing materials, shop fronts, retail point of sale and on their new ecommerce website.


The new identity has elevated the positioning of the Caviste brand. The design looks more premium and focused. The retail spaces have been rationalised and now present a cleaner, approachable space. The first phase of the new website is proving to be very successful with record sales in the first month of launch – January, the hardest month to sell wine in! By the end of February the new website sales had equalled sales for the whole of the previous year. In addition ticket sales have increased and the online process is saving the Caviste admin time in store.

Online sales increased by