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A new product website for customer engagement specialists

After the launch of their award-winning Cielo Move website, Box Technologies asked us to help them revamp their website and give it an engaging and interactive new twist. Well, we weren't going to say no!


Box Technologies is at the forefront of retail technology and innovation. As industry-leading customer engagement specialists, their website had to have the same impressive impact as the solutions that they create for their customers. It needed to enable customers to effortlessly find the information that they require, be intuitive and have a seamless user journey. Showcasing the design and technology seen in their products within the main site was also very important.


Keeping their objectives and brand positioning in mind, we built them a new, dynamic and flexible template system (read more about these here) allowing them to keep updating and creating new content by choosing from predefined content blocks and layouts. This allows them to run marketing campaigns and create their own landing pages, as well as adapting the page layouts depending on what is happening in the business and what exciting new content they have to display. This keeps the site interactive, engaging and most of all exciting and ever-changing so that Box Technologies can continue to be at the forefront of customer engagement. It allows Box to get on with what they do best – customer engagement.


The website we created is engaging and showcases Box’s products, services and case studies. From the visual impact of the video we filmed for the home page through to the imagery used, every item was considered from an engagement perspective.

By ensuring that the key messaging was kept concise we have been able to reposition the brand as customer engagement specialists. The website is the customer facing alignment of Box Technologies business strategy and direction.