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Luxury branding and packaging design

When we first met the amazing specialists in luxury hand-stitched dog collars they had no name or brand. Our dog loving design team loved bringing Bowthorpe to life.


Naming and branding a company that hand makes high-end luxury dog collars is right up our street. With our very own Valiant pack of pampered pooches all ready and willing to model we couldn’t wait to start on this brief.

With the global export market increasingly interested in luxury brands from Great Britain we needed to create a name and brand that looked as good as the products it represented and had the style and class expected of an established brand.

For the Bowthorpe name and branding we took inspiration from the product and its materials. The leather used to make the collars comes from the last oak bark tannery in England. The Bowthorpe Oak is perhaps England’s oldest oak tree with an estimated age of over 1,000 years and fitted perfectly with the traditional tanning and saddlery methods used when creating the collars.