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Evaluating the strategy, positioning and effectiveness of a brand and aligning it with business objectives

Bellsure is a supplier of architectural products. They asked Valiant to evaluate and develop their brand strategy and identity to support and align with their business objectives. We took them back to the very core of what they do and built a unified brand strategy and identity that brought their fragmented internal teams and business units together, working as one business.


The Bellsure Group had a brand identity and structure that confused their business proposition to prospects and existing customers. The company used the group terminology and developed sub brands for different product areas within the business. This created competitive silos or divisions which discouraged cross selling. It also prevented brand awareness and loyalty being built for Bellsure as the product sub-brands were diluting the hierarchy.

There was no doubt that the Bellsure brand needed a rigorous evaluation to be able to create the correct brand structure, clearly communicate the proposition and enable the brand strategy to align with the business plan.


Using our Discover process we began to learn all about the business, its strategy, customers and plans. We ran a series of workshops at Bellsure with different stakeholders and employees contributing, to get to the bottom of the company’s vision, mission statement and real values. These sessions were also used to uncover some key differentiators, identify ideal customers and enable us to write positioning statements. We also spoke with customers to get their insider opinion on the company, its positioning and brand style.


Our Discover process highlighted the need to create a brand identity which visually pulled together the three specialist areas. The company referred to each of these parts as “divisions” rather than the specialist areas. We made a simple change in terminology which promoted cross selling rather than competitive silo selling and was far easier for the customer to understand. Our workshops highlighted that each specialist area felt that their ideal customer and decision maker was significantly different. They actually weren’t. We were able to rationalise this information for them to ensure that their brand identity and website positioning appealed across all their audiences.

We developed a new brand identity which very clearly represented the company’s specialist areas whilst also presenting a very strong and unified single company brand. Each specialist area has its own colourway which gives the company a palette of colours to work with.Valiant completed the brand project with guidelines, website design and collateral design.