It’s surprising how often conversations can turn from what happened that day to reminiscing about your favourite childhood TV shows or how it was ‘when I was young’. It’s a cliché, and we’re all aware of how things have changed so much, especially in our consumption of media but we still love to talk about it. But today, as I cancel my Grandad’s newspaper subscription with his local news agent, I caught myself thinking if I knew anyone else who has a subscription. Are paper boys and girls a thing of the past now? I get my news online and from Twitter as my friends do, who, coincidently used to be paper boys too.

Twitter is the fastest way in human history for us to consume news, don’t look at it for an hour and you’re out of date. Why would we wait 12-24 hours to know what happened yesterday when we can know now? Businesses not only need to be instantaneously reactive but they need to start the conversation and be ready to answer when someone talks back. Maybe the paper boys aren’t gone then- we all deliver the news, constantly posting, sharing, retweeting and liking…maybe we should ask for a Christmas tip.