Stand above the competitive fray

247 billion emails are sent globally everyday and it is not enough for marketers to bury their head and assume the odd monthly html newsletter will do for their customers – it won’t. Realising the power of “eye-share” and its effect on the “open rate” of emails is absolutely essential to emarketing success for any company whether they be the SME or the global conglomerate.

Eye-share is defined as the period of time a recipient will spend deciding whether or not to open an email (“open rate”), on average between 7 and 10 seconds. Within that short period an email must create a strong enough familiarity with the recipient to provoke a positive reaction. Giving time to consider the strategy of influencing this decision could be the difference between making or breaking a client relationship.
In order to maximise the potential open rate it is imperative for an emarketer to consider the following three key areas of an email communication, even before they consider the content of the email itself:

  1. The from line – “from” is the instant recognition factor. It is the first part of the message that a recipient will read and if it has no relevance to them it doesn’t matter how good a subject or opening offer you have, the email will be relegated to the trash bin. In a B2B marketing study it was found that 64% of recipients opened an email that came from their account manager (a recognised name) as opposed to 21% who opened emails sent from the company’s generic info@/admin@ addresses.
  2. The subject line – this is almost the make and break, the subject will communicate to the recipient the exact messaging of the email, it needs to be concise but relevant. An in-depth interrogation of the client database will increase your effectiveness of this for example do not send a customer information on your new clothing range if they have a history of using your website to buy toiletries. 4 out of 10 subscribers will mark an email as spam if it is irrelevant once this has occurred you have lost this customer completely.The from & subject line are the only lines visible on a smartphone email screen, as such these become even more important to get right.
  3. The preview pane – 53% of consumers will see your email in the preview pane this increases to 80% for the B2B market. In the few inches it is imperative that it is not wasted by large unloadable imagery but enhanced by horizontal or vertical layouts of relevant offers and strong calls to action in addition use of the company logo/name/strapline will enhance the recognition factor.Whilst there are always exceptions to the rule it is important that as marketers and even consumers we acknowledge the growing need for and relevance of eyeshare as a method of targeting our audiences and making the difference.

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