What does sharing mean to you?

Is it sharing a selfie of you watching Kasabian at Glastonbury on Facebook or Twitter?  Or have you just read an amazing article online and want to share it with colleagues via LinkedIn? Or is it sharing your meal at your favourite restaurant, when your partner has decided yours was the better choice?

Everyday we find ourselves referring to everything from market-share to file-sharing and ultimately the share value of the businesses we help to grow!

Our ‘love to share’ campaign is testament to our maturity as a business. Design and marketing is what we specialise in. We’ve tackled such a diverse range of projects over the years – we’ve tracked down the most extraordinarily niche suppliers, we’ve had to park some phenomenal creative, we’ve maintained a stream of brilliant ideas and yep, we made some toe-curling mistakes. All of these experiences make us Valiant.

Maybe something we learnt along the way could help you, your department or your business. Maybe we could help you avoid some of the mishaps that we’ve already had on your behalf. This is why we are sharing the knowledge we have, in bitesize pieces, in the hope that someone, somewhere will benefit. We might help you save money or make more money,  I am sure we can help you win more customers and we always seem to know a ‘man who can’ if you need something we really can’t deliver.

As we are a creative company you could encounter a few Valiant ‘shares’ that might not catapult your business into superstardom but will still fit in the “bitesize” category. (Alice’s brownies are legendary, so it’s worth signing up on the off chance that we share some of those!) And please continue to let us know of any topics you would like our opinion or insight on so that we can can really give you what you want.

We are Valiant. We love to share.*

* everything except Alice’s raspberry brownies.