Think of the last item you purchased online. Did the site have a reviews section? How many reviews did you read if you purchased/decided not to purchase? In a retail environment it is clear to see the value in reviews and feedback – a bad review can stop a sale in it’s tracks. We still have a tendency to trust other people’s comments and feedback when making decisions to engage or buy.

Testimonials can be used throughout your marketing and in all sorts of formats. Here’s a few ideas to help you build trust by using your customer’s recommendations.

Your website

If you sell products online then ensure you have a reviewing mechanism like Trust Pilot in place. Encourage customers to rate your service levels and reliability as well as the product itself. These positive testimonials prove that the overall experience of dealing with you as a company is excellent – they could just be the reason they choose you and not the competition. For businesses which sell services or don’t sell online testimonials can be used to support the main content throughout your site. Great feedback statements from recognisable companies will help build trust. A website can be a perfect platform to showcase video testimonials if you can get them too – real people saying how good you are is very compelling to the viewer.

Sales presentations

When pitching for new business, let your current customers convince your prospective customer to work with you.  Testimonials are easily added into presentations, a final  ‘Thank you’ slide could be preceded by a powerful endorsement.  They can also be subtly placed throughout a presentation, supporting any claims you’re making with proof. We have also used testimonials as dividers between sections in tender responses, sales presentations and proposals. When designed in the right way, testimonials can work brilliantly on quotation documents.

Case studies

If your customer is happy for you to do a case study on the work you did with them always ask for supporting quotations from as many people involved in the project as possible. A case study  – printed or video version – is really an elongated testimonial which can be used throughout your sales cycles and on your website

Social media

Finding constant interesting content for your social media platforms can be tricky . Tweeted testimonials or a Facebook post can be a gentle reminder to your followers that other people have loved working with you.


We have found that testimonials have been so effective for some of our customers that we have even designed and created printed brochures for them which don’t talk about their business but explains what they do and how well they do it purely through the words of their clients. These are quite powerful leave behinds – a little book of credibility.

These are just a few examples of where testimonials can be quickly embedded into your communications and marketing activity but don’t stop here. One single testimonial could be the basis of an entire campaign from email marketing to promotional materials.

Finally, by promoting your positive customer feedback you are showing employees and colleagues that their hard work has been recognised and how valuable it is.

If you would like to see any of the design work we have created using testimonials to help our clients drive their business then please call me on 01252 783106 or email