Help understanding Twitter

1. What is Twitter?

Twitter is a form of social media, so social interaction is key. It’s not all about you. Whenever an opportunity arises to answer a question, participate in a survey or help solve a problem, do so. This way you’re participating in the community, which will help your brand image, as people will see they can count on you for support or feedback.

2. What should I tweet?

Make sure that the tweets you post are helpful and/or informative. Late breaking news relating to your industry, sales, special offers and sharing useful information. If your followers like what you’re tweeting they will retweet them, promoting you and your business to a wider audience.

3. How often should I tweet?

You don’t have to post everyday but you do need to make an appearance on a regular basis. Be a contributor that your followers get to really know and value.

4. What is a hashtag?

A hashtag is a word prefixed with # symbol. It is placed before relevant keywords in your tweet to categorize those tweets which allows them to show more easily in Twitter Search. Clicking on a hashtagged word in any message will show you all other tweets in that category.

5. How can Twitter help?

Do some good on Twitter by following your favourite charity. Charities use Twitter to spread information about their causes and campaigns and you can help them extend their reach by retweeting the things that they tweet out to your network. We follow Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice @pthospice!

6. Why should I retweet

When you see tweets that you know your followers will find interesting, retweet them. You can always add a personal comment before sending it. You then provide your followers with great information and the original tweeter gains exposure. Also remember to say thank you when someone mentions or retweets your posts.

7. Who should I follow?

Don’t follow everyone who follows you. Turn your auto follow feature off otherwise your timeline will be clogged with irrelevant information. Only follow people you have an interest in.

8. Is Twitter just text?

No. As well as 140 characters it is easy to post short videos and pictures to keep your posts varied. Upload pictures of your new products, videos of your business and images of something that your followers would benefit from or enjoy.

9. Is Twitter just a marketing platform?

Definitely not, it is not all about you, so don’t make all your tweets one big marketing message. An important rule of Twitter is the 80%/20% rule. If you spend 80% of the time tweeting useful and relevant information then you earn the right to spend 20% of the time tweeting information promoting your products and services. Remember the more you give of yourself the more you will receive in return.

10. How can people find me?

Advertise your Twitter URL on all of your communications so that they become interconnected; your website, email signature, facebook page, blog and any marketing materials.

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