Getting on the dog and bone

We designed the branding and website for IMC – Intelligent Marketing Communications. Our challenge was to differentiate IMC from run of the mill “telesales” companies.

The majority of businesses are fearful of entrusting the selling of their business, and it’s products or services, to an external company. There is a universal dislike of being hassled by the huge aggressive call centres and the last thing we want is for our businesses to be associated with them. IMC are brilliant at identifying the right people to contact within a business and gradually building a relationship with them, so that if a potential sales opportunity exists, they will be considered. They do this on behalf of their customers and are incredibly successful.

If you are not ready to outsource your business development yet, then maybe have a read through IMC’s tips on cold calling to help you develop that all important relationship.

  1. Messaging In order to get the most out of your calls it’s important that you put together a clear and succinct message highlighting the key points you want to get across on each call.
  2. Be Prepared A good call will result in the prospect asking a number of questions. Before you embark on making any calls think about the sort of questions you might be asked and have some notes to refer to when you are on the phone.
  3. Talk slowly There is a tendency to rush a cold call, to get the message across. If you talk more slowly and pause for breath then the prospect doesn’t feel pressured and will be more likely to listen.
  4. Don’t push Be sensitive to the prospect and listen to what they have to say. Give them space and try to broaden the call into an exploratory dialogue.
  5. Don’t resist If they ask for information, then send it. If the call has gone properly, a request for information is often a genuine expression of interest. Probe a little further to qualify what would be best to send them and agree a follow up date or time to call back.
  6. Create trust Creating trust with your prospect should be a primary goal. Creating genuine trust is key to building relationships and real relationships will then develop into new business opportunities.
  7. Professional approach Never be too informal. If you have not spoken before, then keep the call at a professional level. Never ask how they are or if they are having a good day!
  8. Listen This is an essential part of a cold call. Your focus should be on the prospects requirements. With this information you can then demonstrate how you can best assist them.
  9. Be Natural Speak in a way that is natural to you. By using phrases like ‘would you be open to’ instead of ‘would you be interested in’, you immediately set yourself apart as someone who is patient, open minded and willing to listen.
  10. Be patient Lead generation takes time. Don’t expect to get results straight away. Cold calling should be an on-going part of your marketing strategy and with time you will develop a pipeline of valuable business opportunities.

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