It’s always a very considered process for charities and not-for-profit organisations to appoint the right creative agency to undertake their marketing requirements.

There will, more often than not, be a number of stakeholders involved and awareness that their budgets must be spent to deliver positive impact. We’ve been working with a number of third sector organisations over the years from medical organisations like the British Thoracic Society, the Princes’ Trust, Business In The Community, Trustmark through to the CVQO, JST and most recently appointed to Kidney Care UK.

Why have they chosen Valiant as their creative agency? We’re building a reputation for charities, and the third sector generally, for delivering expertise, consultancy and effective solutions for brand, websites and marketing communications that delivers results. It is critical for most third sector organisations to prove the money they invest in their marketing communications delivers impact. Therefore any brand or website work must be stringently planned, implemented and delivered to meet accessibility guidelines and engage both beneficiaries and benefactors.We start each project by establishing very clear commercial objectives and they form the basis to our strategic approach and guide us throughout the journey. Once launched we continue to work closely with each organisation to check the rebrand, website or activation campaign is still delivering.

We’ve just launched a new website for the brilliant education charity CVQO – we love how they support young people helping them achieve vocational qualifications. Their new site has received a phenomenally positive reaction and we will measure its success against their commercial objectives in the next few months. Have a look at it here. We recently created the new identity and website for the JST – another brilliant charity who transform lives of those who undertake voyages on their adapted tall ships. Have a look at their new website to see how they are positively changing people’s lives.

Duncan Souster, CEO of the Jubilee Sailing Trust, has said: “Valiant invested the time to know and understand, in depth, the Jubilee Sailing Trust, our Mission, our heritage, our transformation, our ambitions and our new brand strategy and positioning. All of that was then channelled into the development of a new logo and a new website. The new logo helps energise, elevate and modernise the JST and should be a great asset in aim to connect with a much larger group of target beneficiaries and partners. The new web site brilliantly captures our Mission, the work we do and our impact. It brings that all to life with vibrancy, energy and a user experience that is engaging and also highly accessible (which is crucial given the needs of our target beneficiary group). It is a massive step forward from our old web site.”

We’ll have more charity work to showcase soon including a new impact report. If you are a charity or not-for-profit organisation and are considering what marketing communications could effectively help you reach the goals you’ve set, please do give us a call. It’s critical you spend your budgets well and we can help make sure you’re on the right track. Call Tina on 01252 783106 or email