You may know that we are currently running our Love To Share campaign where we are sharing guides, tips and insight with anyone who is interested in improving their business through design and marketing.

We recently shared our industry experiences with 18 year old Tim who had reached that critical stage in his young life where he has to make the important decision on “what he wants to do for a career”. Having excelled in Graphic Design at A level standard he was unsure whether to go to university and do a foundation course or something else. Also with little work experience available to graphic students age 18 and under, how do you really know if this is where you want to be?

Tim spent 2 weeks in the Valiant studio, right at the time when we were completing a major rebrand project. It was all hands to the decks to complete designs, print, mount, display etc and we were lucky to have an extra pair of hands to help. He got the opportunity to understand some of the processes, the deadlines and the software we use on a day to day basis. And this has all helped him to make better informed choices for his future career.

It was also a brilliant opportunity to be reminded that there are 18 year olds out there with great ideas, positive attitudes, courteous behaviour and (a Valiant favourite) gumption.

Try and remember how little you knew of life at 18 and if you can why not share your experiences to help them achieve theirs.