“Waiting any longer to establish a LinkedIn strategy will prove to be a major business expense and mistake”
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LinkedIn reports more than 259 million members, with more than nine million users in the UK alone.  It’s a dominant networking site for professionals and business owners. Clever users don’t just link to as many connections as possible, but nurture quality connections and use the platforms functions in order to grow their business. Are you aware of just how powerful Linkedin can be?  Read our six top tips to find out how this expansive platform can improve your sales revenues.

1. Building your brand and profile
Ensure you build great profiles (for both your company and employees), it sounds like a no brainer but so many companies don’t do this simple step. Your company page should contain a brief introduction and explain what makes you special and stand-out.  Provide an overview into each individual product and service you offer.  Include links to your website, so that readers can get more information.  Carefully consider your images, the copywriting tone and upload videos.  Ask employees to link to the company page and help them also improve their profiles. Maybe even offer a photographer to take their profile pictures, so clients and new prospects can see the specialist that they are working with.

2. Get referrals from satisfied customers
After creating both your business and personal profile you are ready to grow your business through positive word of mouth. Just as people tell friends and colleagues about services they’ve been pleased with in the real world, LinkedIn provides a digital forum for this same process to occur. In fact, did you know you could post customer comments on your profile page, which can be a great source of positive press for your company?

3. Establish yourself as an expert
Once you gain more confidence using LinkedIn, you may want to answer questions posed by other members. This will serve a twofold purpose. First, it is good to give back once you’ve had some success. Secondly, with your contact information included with each post, people who benefit from your answers may decide to work with your company. Remember that LinkedIn is a “social media” website, an online community. Be a positive part of that community.

4. Tap into LinkedIn’s Google authority
If you have a website you may want it to rank higher in the search engine results. Search engine optimization is one of the best strategies for helping new contacts find you, and it’s free!  But if your site is on page two or lower in the search results, you will have little to no traffic. However, LinkedIn can help change this for the better, as it is highly respected by search engines like Google and Bing. How can you do this?  Get your employees to link to your company profile page, use good keywords when describing your products and services, help employees create personal URLs, use anchor text words when linking to your company website and create links to your other social media profiles. Integrate all of your social media activity – for example Twitter, Blogs, LinkedIn – you can benefit from greater overall exposure with less effort.

5. Get advice from experienced business owners
Most businesses will have outsourced jobs in which they have no expertise, at some point. LinkedIn gives you an online sounding board where you can ask other colleagues in your network who to trust with outsourced services. Experienced business owners like to share their knowledge, and you may be surprised at how happy they are to help. Additionally, get involved in the LinkedIn Questions and Answers forum, which lets you pose a question for more seasoned owners to answer.

6. Target online ads to a focused audience
If your marketing efforts include pay per click adverts, you may have been frustrated with your results. Did you know that LinkedIn now supports adverts, and will let you customize who will see them? You can narrow your parameters by business category, size and even experience. This lets you target your ads for greatest effect, and can elevate your marketing efforts to a new level.

So there are your six top tips for success on LinkedIn. When you use the methods discussed above, you can gain new customers, get advice and help move your business forward. Why not start to take advantage of all that LinkedIn can do for your business and then you can start to notice the effect on your business growth.

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