There are lots of Facebook top tips articles out there but I’ve found that many of them don’t ask the first and most important question: ‘Can I grow my business with Facebook?’

Take some time to think of your answer. Would your target market look to purchase your product or service from seeing your Facebook page or would they be more likely to see if you are on LinkedIn or find out what you’re like on Twitter? If your immediate answer is yes, then you ask how? If it’s a no, then consider those alternatives?

The use of social media must be considered and have clear goals to achieve. At Valiant, we often review all social media platforms for our clients to recommend which are the most appropriate for their business objectives. Sometimes Facebook should be included in their marketing mix. Here are some basic tips for Facebook that you should always keep in mind:

First impressions

To start with make sure you carefully consider your profile, cover image and your ‘about’ section. Be true to your brand identity with your profile imagery but don’t limit yourself, this is social media so make the cover image especially up to date and appropriate. Users will be able to read the first 155 characters of your ‘about’ text- so make them worthwhile.

Play it cool

Don’t be desperate for a sale. Post imagery and videos of products and achievements but don’t sell, sell, sell. Give customers insights into your inspiration, thoughts and opinions on what’s happening in your industry. Help your audience know more with relevant information.


If a customer gets in contact with you, don’t ignore them. Simple.

Text-only will get boring

Put photos, links and videos in updates.  Facebook algorithms put preference on these when it comes to brand updates. Have a look at Facebook’s link-share option

Keep up to date

Facebook’s future has been highly prophesied but this doesn’t mean that the most successful social media platform will stop developing. Recent updates such as trending features, business acquisitions such as Whatsapp and Instagram, updates to the sharing options and news feed are things to consider.


Great, you’ve got a Facebook page full of brilliant content – but what if no one is seeing it? Building a following organically could take a lot of time and you might not be gathering your target audience. Facebook adverts allow you to specifically select who sees your adverts based on age, sex, location and even interests.

Set up shop

If you sell products and you’ve built a strong Facebook following, why not consider allowing followers to buy your products direct from your page?  There are many applications you can use including Shopify, ecwid and Storefront Social. An additional tab will be added alongside ‘about’, ‘photos’ and ‘reviews’ etc.

Was it worth the investment?

Not just in your advertising investment but your time too. Use Facebook insights, analytics and any tools at your disposal to measure the results. Facebook offer great insights into which status updates were most successful, how many people shared, liked, clicked and commented. Make sure that your website Google Analytics is tracking referrals from social media as well.

Let me know if you’re after some help with social media by sending me an email at or call me on 01252 783106.