What is Sweaty Betty doing right with their emarketing? I always open their emails, regularly click the links to their site and have been known to personally deliver ROI on their campaigns. In my opinion, they’ve ensured quality content is their top priority and made it look great.

So what do they include?

1. Interesting content

Whether it’s marathons, yoga, cool down or swimming, by using subject based messages the focus is clear and refreshing. Sweaty Betty will pick a theme and show the many ways in which they can cater for it.

2. Lovely products

It helps to have some beautifully designed and photographed products to showcase.

3. Industry experts sharing their knowledge

Links to blogs written by industry experts, inspirational style & ‘what-to-wear-when’ guides, work-out tips and routines. The message is that ‘yes, we sell products but we want to give you more and show you we know what we’re on about’.

4. Incentives

Free workouts in stores, a no-excuse way of getting women into fitness.  Not forgetting sales and offer codes in emails as well.

What can we learn?

The Sweaty Betty brand set out to “inspire women to find empowerment through fitness’. Their brand positioning and marketing works because they have a clear goal and beliefs which they stick to consistently;  enabling them to combine product based sales eshots with engaging content which is directly aimed to benefit the recipient.

Well done Sweaty Betty, it’s great to see best practice in action!