Big data is on everyone’s lips at the moment and there are many tools to help you gather data and analyse your digital marketing. We’ve been reviewing some of these analytic tools and put together our top 5 for you:

1. Google Analytics

We’re all aware of Google Analytics and you should be using it to monitor how successful your website is. However, there are some tools within the analytics platform that you may have missed. Try out Experiments or the In-page analytics, which can reveal visitor journeys through your site. You can also insert event tracking to record specific visitor actions which wouldn’t normally be tracked.

2. Social media analytics

Twitter has it’s own analytics giving you insights into engagement levels – it won’t start recording the activity until you access it though – so start monitoring today if you aren’t already on it. Tweet Deck is a real-time dashboard of information and Tweriod helps you see the optimum time of day to tweet and share information.

Facebook‘s insights help you review everything about your company page and adverts. See which type of posts attract the greatest engagement, monitor your demographic and really hone your activity. Finally, LinkedIn‘s analytics provide insight to the reach of your articles.

3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is  still proving to be one of the best social media management software packages out there. It combines all of your social media profiles in one place, including the analytics! This enables you to efficiently plan your social activity across all platforms, in advance. Set up all of your LinkedIn posts, your tweets and any Facebook activity in one hit and let Hootsuite send it out at the time you have specified. This is a far quicker way to ensure you don’t leave big gaps in activity.

4. Social Searcher

Try out Social Searcher and see who’s talking about your brand, products or services online. There is a free trial available and you can continue to monitor from £3.49 per month.

5. Brand ID

Monitoring and gaining insights into your brand on YouTube has been driven by ZEFR since 2011. As a recognised partner of YouTube, they have access to more data than any others.

Hopefully some or all of these analytic tools will help you improve your digital marketing activity. If you want help with your reporting please give Alice a call 01252 783106 or drop me a line